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Water-Powered Cars: Hydrogen Electrolyzer Mod Can’
Water-powered cars continue to be the largest single topic taking over my in boxand the Comments section of this Web site. And it’s not just my recent column on the truth about water-chugging prototyp…more

Green Vies With Fast at British International Moto
A tsunami of electric and low-carbon vehicles swamped fast, sporty high-performance cars at this year’s London Motor Show. Most manufacturers touted green sub-brands, and great prominence and publicit…more

Knowing the Basics about Installing a Car Audio Sy
Can you tell the difference between a nice car and a great car? Its easy a great will make someones head turn as it drives by. The same line of thinking holds true for a great car audio system. A grea…more

Your Car Is Important, So Be Careful Where It’s Re
There are few things more dispiriting than seeing your car after an accident and trying to assess what the damage will cost you. It is likely that you have a place in mind that you would take your car…more

Alloy Wheel Repair: Save Your Wheels Today!
Alloy wheels can make quite an impact to the overall look of a car. Further, it can make a big difference to the functioning of the car. Alloy wheels can make quite an impact to the overall look of a …more

A Popular Quick Fix For Dented Cars: Paintless Den
Most of us try and avoid dents in the car, hoping it will go away with time. Car dent removal seldom crosses our minds as we would rather ignore the concept of repair until we really need it. This cou…more

Exercising my claustrophobia demons with a truck t
You would think that a minor childhood trauma like being locked inside an oven that was then turned on would not scar a person too badly. But ever since that fateful afternoon, Ive had an uncontrollab…more

Collision Repair Centre Etiquette – Will you be re
Crash!! How can you be prepared for a vehicle accident? Perhaps your reaction time was just a little too slow, or the weather conditions really did mean slow down. Well, now what? Vehicle collision is…more

Insider Information on Auto Repairs
Believe it or not, there is an industry out there that specifically looks out on and actually promote auto repairs. Such a racket is not only unethical, it is also inappropriate and unnecessary. Still…more

Motorhome Hire Presenting the Travel Home Now
Now, consider this situation carefully. Your prime concern in all cases is always the proper maintenance of things within the house and even, otherwise in all aspects of your lifestyle. This probably …more

Are Your General Motors Sliding Doors a Problem? L
You could have a lemon law claim! Read this important consumer alert for drivers of the Chevrolet Uplander, Saturn Relay, Buick Terraza, and Pontiac Montana. Imagine driving in your minivan with your …more

How to Shop for a Car… Without Actually Shopping
My lease is up soon and I want to be sure I get what I want… which usually means ordering the vehicle four months ahead of time. So a little advance planning is in order. Of course, if you’ve just b…more

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